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Co-Work & Incubation
Scalable Services

STEAM Garden has a list of services we can offer our clients and Central Avenue Busineses.

STEAM is totally flexible and scalable to meet your budget and business needs.

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of the STEAM Garden Business Incubator's many amenities: Start-UP NY & hub zone designation and access to 518 amenities!

We provide everything from Coffee, Water/Beverages, Snacks, Outdoor Court Yard, Printing/Copy, Printing/Wide Carriage, Shared Work Stations, Shredding/Document Destruction, 3D Scanners, 3D Printers, Dedicated Wifi networking, Wi-Fi, Package Delivery/Mail, Private Network, Kitchenette Break room, Tech Support, Screens/Projectors, HDMI TV Presentor System, White Boards, Lockers (Coming soon), reading Library, Inside Bike Parking, Charging Stations, Lg & Sm TV's, PA System, Chromecasts, Jamboards/VIBE, Food/Fun events, Walkable Ethnic Food District, Invite to Exclusive Events, Restaurants, Dry Cleaning & Local Business Coupons/Discounts, Discounted Bus Passes, Parking, Laser Cutters, CNC machines, to help you get ahead and take your business to the next level!  Coming Soon

Classroom and training spaces, 10 Pin embroidery machines, Laminators, Heat transfer devices, wood working tools, and more.  Call for details


Mail Services

Concierge style Mail handling. Send your mail here, we can hold it for you, or place it in your mailbox. use our professional address.

Virtual Office 

A professional address with mail handling and phone. Let's face it, these days you can work anywhere, but it's always good to have a home base for your clients to see you at a professional address. 

let us show you how to work remotely but keep it real..

  • HUB Zone Designation

  • 518 Innovate Partner

  • Start-Up NY Incubator

  • High-Speed Fibre Bandwidth

  • CoffeeWater/BeveragesSnacks

  • Outdoor Court Yard (Spring 2022)

  • Printing/CopyShared

  • WorkStationsShredding/Document Destruction

  • Scanners

  • 3D Printers

  • Laser Cutters

  • Dedicated Wifi networking *

  • Delivery/Mail

  • Private Network*

  • Kitchenette Break room

  • OnSiteTech Support

  • Large Presentation Screens/ProjectorsHDMI TV

  • Presentor Systems

  • White Boards

  • Lockers (Coming 2022)

  • Inside Bike Parking

  • Charging Station

  • PA System

  • Chromecasts

  • Social Food events

  • Best Damn Walkable Ethnic Food

  • Exclusive Events

  • Nearby Dry Cleaning & Local Business

  • Bus Route

  • Coupons/Discounts

  • Discounted Bus Passes

  • Parking Permits

STEAM Services

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