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Our program provides expert training, quick-start tools, and personalized coaching to give your business the boost it needs to achieve tremendous leaps of growth in revenue and investment readiness.


About this Program

More details about the program coming soon! Please read below for insight on what's to come.

How it Works

1. Formation

This initial phase focuses on choosing the most promising startups to join the accelerator program.

2. Launch

Chosen startups enter the launch phase, which involves structured activities aimed at initiating and accelerating their growth, Intensive Training and Support, and Goal Setting and Milestone Development.

3. Growth

The growth stage signifies the active execution of strategies and plans to drive substantial progress and expansion through Focused Execution, Networking and Investor Engagement, and Graduation and Post-Program Support:

Key Program Outcomes

Grow your Network

Establish professional relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and investors. Networking on the community platform can provide individuals with industry-specific insights and advice.

Access to investors

Ensure that your concepts and operational plans are developed further to show investors the potential of your idea. Lay the groundwork for future success.

Business Leadership

Build skills essential for running a business, including sales and marketing, communications, finance, and technical skills. Take advantage of information crafted in a calculated, strategic way to enhance the success of your business

Comprehensive support

Make the most of your business by getting support, guidance, and experience from mentors and sponsors. Learn everything from product development to pitch decks etc.

What we are looking for

  • A unique and innovative business idea or solution that addresses a genuine problem in the market.

  • Understanding of the target audience and their needs.

  • A business model that can scale efficiently and rapidly.

  • Potential for significant growth in terms of market share, revenue, and customer base.

  • A capable and cohesive team with diverse skills and expertise relevant to the business.

  • Commitment, passion, and resilience demonstrated by the founding team.

  • Evidence of early traction or validation, such as user engagement, customers, partnerships, or revenue.

  • Milestones achieved and progress made since the inception of the startup.

  • Willingness to learn, openness to feedback, and the ability to adapt and pivot based on insights and mentorship.

  • Agility and responsiveness in adjusting strategies or approaches.

  • A well-defined and feasible plan for execution, demonstrating how the startup intends to achieve its goals.

  • Realistic and measurable milestones set for short-term and long-term success.

Getting Started 

Ready to accelerate your startup? Startups interested in joining the accelerator program please reach out to us below. The application process generally involves providing detailed information about the startup, its team, business model, market potential, and other relevant details through interviews. 

* Scholarships and special rates are available by application

Meet our team

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Anthony Capece

Executive Director

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Ronda Shayne

Director of Operations

Indoor Flowers
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Team Position

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  • What if I don't need physical space?
    No Problem! We provide virtual memberships tailored for remote workers or those who don't need a dedicated desk. These memberships often include access to virtual services like mailing addresses, receptionist services, and limited use of meeting rooms.
  • If I have a virtual membership, how can I still make the most out of it?
    Don't worry! without a physical presence, our coworking spaces can offer remote support, networking events, and access to their community. This can include online workshops, webinars, and forums where you can connect with other professionals.
  • Can I use a coworking space on a part-time basis?
    Yes, we offer part-time memberships or day passes, allowing users to access the space for a limited number of days or hours per week!
  • Is it safe to work in a coworking space, especially considering health concerns?
    We implement safety measures, such as regular cleaning and providing sanitization stations, to ensure the health and well-being of their members. However, it's essential to check with us regarding their health and safety protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to join Us?

Unlock new possibilities with the right tools and strategies. Join us in igniting your growth journey today.

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