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Incubator Program

STEAM's incubator is a grant-funded program that offers an array of invaluable benefits to provide an ideal environment for startups to thrive.


About our Program

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with our Incubator program. Designed to help startups establish their product, build their brand and secure customers. Our program offers tailored mentorship, essential resources, and strategic guidance. Join us to navigate the early stages of your business, turning concepts into viable products and gaining customer traction. Apply now to accelerate your startup's growth and success!

How it works

Start Up Creation
Early Stage
  • Idea formation

  • Training

  • Define Business modeling

  • Business plan elaboration

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Access to finance

  • Advanced business planning

  • Business Development

Key Program Outcomes


With counseling, tools, and entrepreneurial training, we can help you to establish your idea, refine your product, and develop strategies to ensure the growth of your business.


Our program connects founders through professional events and networking, we help them build connections within the startup community

 Brand Recognition

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Professional services

Our mission is to provide you with the best business development and operation support, meetings rooms, office space, mail service, and other amenities that you need to take care of your busines

What we are looking for

  • ​Have a unique and innovative business concept or solution with a clear value proposition.

  • A capable and cohesive team with diverse skills necessary to execute the business idea effectively.

  • Commitment, passion, and the ability to work collaboratively towards the venture's success.

  • Potential for scalability and significant growth within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Willingness to learn, openness to feedback, and the ability to pivot or adapt the business model based on mentorship and guidance.

  • A well-defined and feasible execution plan that outlines short-term and long-term goals, strategies, and milestones.

  • Demonstrated understanding of how the program's resources and support can benefit the startup.

  • Clarity and effectiveness in presenting the business idea, vision, and plan in the application materials or during interviews/presentations.

  • Strong communication skills demonstrated by the founding team.

Getting Started 

Interested in joining our incubator program to scale your startup's growth? We're excited to learn more about your innovative ideas and entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're at the ideation stage or have a developed product, we welcome ambitious startups to apply and be part of our thriving community.

For inquiries about our application process, program details, or to express your interest in joining our incubator, please reach out to us at Below . 

* Scholarships and special rates are available by application

Meet our team

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Anthony Capece

Executive Director

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Ronda Shayne

Director of Operations

Indoor Flowers
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Team Position

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  • What if I don't need physical space?
    No Problem! We provide virtual memberships tailored for remote workers or those who don't need a dedicated desk. These memberships often include access to virtual services like mailing addresses, receptionist services, and limited use of meeting rooms.
  • If I have a virtual membership, how can I still make the most out of it?
    Don't worry! without a physical presence, our coworking spaces can offer remote support, networking events, and access to their community. This can include online workshops, webinars, and forums where you can connect with other professionals.
  • Can I use a coworking space on a part-time basis?
    Yes, we offer part-time memberships or day passes, allowing users to access the space for a limited number of days or hours per week!
  • Is it safe to work in a coworking space, especially considering health concerns?
    We implement safety measures, such as regular cleaning and providing sanitization stations, to ensure the health and well-being of their members. However, it's essential to check with us regarding their health and safety protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to join STEAM?

Unlock new possibilities with the right tools and strategies. Join us in igniting your growth journey today.

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